Wednesday, Decemher 6, 2000 - 10: 00 a.m.

The Centennial Inn--Armenia White Room

96 Pleasant Street, Concord, New Hampshire

I.          Public Participation
II.         Introduction of Guests
III.       Consideration and Approval of Minutes of the November 1, 2000 meeting
IV.       Consideration of Communications
V.        Financial Report: Month Ending October 2000
VI.       Reports:

A. Chair's Report
B. Executive Director's Report
C. Committee on Administration
D. Committee on Finance Report
E. Committee on Nominations
F. Committee on Regulations & Rulemaking

VII.      New Business

A. Recommendations of Committee on Nominations - Elections
B. Recommendations of Committee on Regulations
C. Recommendations of Committee on Finance
.           i. 2000 Budget Adjustment
.           ii. Proposed 2001 Budget
D. Recommendations of Committee on Administration - Approval of Market Administrator's Invoice

VIII.     Announcements: Opportunity for individual state comments

IX.       Adjournment

A second opportunity for public participation will occur immediately after a break for lunch- Members of the Public will creed to make their own accommodations for lunch.

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