Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 10:30 a.m.  - Wayfarer Inn, Terrace Room - 121 South River Road - Bedford, NH  (A Public Hearing is scheduled to commence at 1:00 p.m. on the same day at this location.  If the regular meeting business is not concluded, the regular meeting may be suspended for the public hearing and continued after the close of the hearing.)


I.                    Public Participation

II.                 Introduction of Guests

III.               Consideration and Approval of Minutes of the March 1, 2000 Meeting

IV.              Consideration of Communications

V.                 Financial and Budget Report: Months ending January and February 2000

VI.              Reports:

A.     Chair’s Report

B.     Executive Director’s Report

C.     Committee on Finance Report

D.     Committee on Administration

E.      Audit Committee

F.      Bylaws Committee

G.     Committee on Regulations & Rulemaking

VII.            Old Business

A.     Bylaws Committee Recommendations

1. Notice of Recommended Amendments to the Bylaws

B.     Committee on Rules and Regulations

1. Report on Producer Referendum Results for Technical Amendments

C.     Ad Hoc Personnel Committee

VIII.         New Business

A.     Committee on Finance Recommendations

            1. Federal Milk Market Administrator’s Invoice –January 2000 Pool and  

                Audits Completed During February

            2. Accept January and February 2000 Financial Statements and file for audit


B.     Committee on Administration Recommendations

C.     Committee on Regulations and Rulemaking Recommendations

D.   Report from Massachusetts

IX.              Announcements: Opportunity for individual state comments

X.                 Executive Session, if necessary

XI.              Adjournment


A second opportunity for Public participation will occur if the meeting is reconvened after the Public Hearing.  Members of the Public will need to make their own accommodations for lunch.

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