Wednesday, January 13, 1999, 10:00 a.m.

Museum of New Hampshire History, 4th Floor

6 Eagle Square, Concord, NH (exit 14 off I-93)

  1. Public Participation
  2. Introductions and Guests
  3. Consideration of Minutes - December 16, 1998 Meeting
  4. Communications
  5. Financial and Budget Report - Month ending November 1998
  6. Reports:
      1. Chairman: Proposed Committee Recommendations
      2. Executive Director
      3. Treasurer's Report
      4. Committee on Administration
      5. Audit Committee
      6. Bylaws Committee
      7. Committee on Regulations & Rulemaking

VII. Old Business

A. Report on East Coast Compact Activity

B. Deliberation & Decision on Subjects & Issues Rulemaking

        1. Income Distribution from the Producer Settlement Fund
        2. Supply Management Policies
        3. Organic Milk
        4. Administrative Assessment

C. Audit Committee Recommendation: Audit Report Year End 1997

D. Committee on Regulations Recommendation: CCC Escrow Refund Calculation Formula

VIII. New Business

A. Committee on Administration's Recommendations:

1. Federal Milk Mkt Invoice for Nov. audits, October pool & programming for CCC refund

2. Federal Milk Mkt Invoice for Dec. audits, November pool, CCC refund time

3. Resolution for limited use signature stamp

B. Consideration of Proposed Standing Committee Recommendations

C. Future Meeting Dates

IX. Announcements: Opportunity for individual State comments

X. Adjournment

Public participation immediately after lunch break.

Please park at the Museum's Parking facilities on Storrs Street directly across the street from the Museum, Parking ticket validations will be distributed at the Commission meeting. There are nearby facilities for the luncheon break planned for 12:30 pm.

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