Wednesday, March 3, 1999 - Tuck Library, Chubb Auditorium - 30 Park Street Concord, NH

(Time to be determined by close of Public Hearing scheduled

to commence at 9:00 a.m. on the same day at this location)

Annual Meeting

A. Annual Reports of Officers and Committees

B. Annual Audit Report

C. Adjournment

Regular Monthly Meeting

I. Public Participation

II. Introductions and Guests

III. Consideration of Minutes - January 13, 1999 Meeting

IV. Communications

V. Financial and Budget Reports: Year ending December 1998 & Month ending January 1999

VI. Reports:

A. Chairman

B. Executive Director

C. Treasurer's Report

D. Committee on Administration

E. Audit Committee

F. Bylaws Committee

G. Committee on Regulations & Rulemaking

VII. Old Business

A. Audit Committee Recommendation: Audit Report Year End 1997

VIII. New Business

A. Committee on Administration's Recommendations

1. Federal Milk Market Administrator's Office - Invoice for January 1999

2. Personnel Manual

B. Appointment of Compact Reauthorization Committee

C. Future Meeting Date

IX. Announcements: Opportunity for individual State comments

X. Adjournment

Public participation immediately after lunch break.

A Deli Luncheon will be served to the Commission at approximately 12:30 p.m. at the Library. Members of the public wishing to participate in the luncheon should contact the Commission Office by March 1st for reservation and price quote.


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