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Northeast Dairy Compact Commission Monthly Meeting
Monday, July 9, 2001 - 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. – Merry Manor Inn, South Portland, Maine


I.            Presentations by Maine Congressional Delegation

The Honorable Olympia Snowe             
            The Honorable Susan Collins

                        The Honorable John Baldacci
                        The Honorable Thomas Allen

                         Governor Angus S. King


II.        Public Participation
III.       Other Communications
IV.       Introduction of Guests
V.        Consideration of Minutes of the June 6, 2001 meeting
VI.       Financial Statement:  Month Ending May 31, 2001

VII.            Reports:

A.            Chair's Report
B.            Executive Director's Report
C.            Committee on Administration Report
D.                    Committee on Finance Report

  VIII.     New Business

                        Recommendations of Committee on Administration                                                 Recommendations of Committee on Finance  



            2001 Recognition Awards
The Honorable Angus King
                        State Senator John Nutting
                        Robert Tardy, Former Chair, House Agriculture Committee

                        Walter Whitcomb, Former State Representative

                        Peter Curra
                        Michael Wiers, Esq.
                        Linda Smith Dyer, Esq.                       

IX.            Informational Presentations

Introduction and Presentation by Commissioner Robert W. Spear, Maine Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources

                  A. The Dairy Compact and the Legislative Process in Maine

                                    State Senator Michael H. Michaud, President of the Senate

                                    State Senator Richard A. Bennett, President Pro Tempore

                                    State Representative Michael V. Saxl, Speaker of the House

                                    State Senator John Nutting

                                    State Representative Carol Weston

                                    Cheryl Leeman, Mayor of Portland

Former State Representative Walt Whitcomb


B.      Maine Processors’ Assessment of the Compact

Tom Brigham, President, Oakhurst Dairy (invited)

Mike Suever, H.P. Hood
John Economy, Garelick Farms of Maine (invited)


        C. Maine Agriculture and Dairy Farmers

William Bell, Executive Director of the New England Grain and Feed Council and Director of the Eastern Federation of Feed Merchants

Harold Larrabbee, Former Agrimark Director, Dairy Farmer

                                    Jon Olson, Executive Secretary of the Maine Farm Bureau 

X.            Announcements: Opportunity for individual state comments

XI.            Adjournment

A second opportunity for public participation will occur immediately after a break for lunch.  Members of the Public will need to make their own accommodations for lunch.


The Northeast Dairy Compact Commission
64 Main Street, Room 21
Montpelier, VT 05602

phone: (802) 229-1941

fax: (802) 220-2028